Florida International University

Logging in to FIU's Virtual Private Network (VPN) with Two Factor

  • Is two factor authentication mandatory to log in to the FIU AnyConnect VPN client? Yes, two factor authentication is now necessary to use FIU's VPN.
  • Where do I download the AnyConnect VPN client? The FIU VPN client is available for download here.
  • How do I enroll in two factor authentication? To enroll in two factor authentication, visit twofactor.fiu.edu/enroll. For more questions on two factor enrollment, visit the Two Factor Enrollment section within our FAQ.
  • What do I type in the "Secondary Password" field in the VPN client? Depending how you enrolled, you will have access to type one of the following options:
    Push: uses the DUO Mobile app Phone: places an automated voice call SMS: sends unique verification codes via text messages
  • Why can't I log in when I type "SMS"(TEXT) into the "Second Password" field? The first time you type "sms"(TEXT) in the "Second Password" field, your connection will fail. Once you receive the text message with the ten codes, you can proceed to authenticate again. Enter the first code included in the text message into the "Second Password" field to complete the log in process.
  • What do I do when I run out of SMS (TEXT) codes to use? The ten SMS (TEXT) codes are meant to be used in sequential order per login attempt until all are used. These codes are to be placed in the secondary password field. If that does not work, redo the SMS authentication process shown here.
  • Why am I getting an error about a passcode on my device? To enroll in two-factor authentication, you must have a passcode enabled on your device. For step-by- step instructions on securing your phone with a passcode, please click on your device: iPhone, Android phone, or Windows phone.
  • I don't have a Wi-Fi or cell signal at the moment, can I still use the DUO Mobile app to login? Yes, the Duo smart phone app provides options that work without a data plan, a texting plan or even mobile data or a WiFi connection. By opening the Duo Mobile app and clicking on the key, you will generate a unique code that will expire after 60 seconds. To complete the login process, enter the code.