Florida International University


The Division of IT implemented Two-Factor Authentication in Spring 2016. For more information about the steps we took to roll out Two-Factor Authentication at FIU, view our high-level timeline below.

  • July - September, 2016

    Plan and design launchpad for application.

    Continue promoting the use of two factor.

    Raise awareness on benefits of two factor.

    Continue roll out for other environments.

  • July 20, 2016

    Go Live myFIU and MyAccounts

  • April - June, 2016

    New Password recovery process.

    Continue two factor roll out to other environments.

    Promote the use of two factor.

  • March 8, 2016

    Go live VPN

  • January - March, 2016

    Design Phase 2.


    Go live in select environments.

    Two Factor on VPN.

  • October - December, 2015



    Design Phase 1.

  • July - September, 2015

    Evaluation of Products.

    Conception of a standard login page.

    Proof of concept.

  • March - June, 2015