Florida International University

Two Factor Enrollment

About Your Personal Phone Number and Two Factor Authentication

  • What is two factor authentication? In the event that someone gets ahold of your password or compromises your credentials, two- factor authentication protects the access you have from unauthorized use. Two-factor authentication implements an additional layer of security by using something you have (your smartphone) along with something you know (your FIU username and password).
  • Do I have to use a personal number to enroll? Yes, when enrolling into two factor for the first time a personal phone number is required. Please note: Internal Florida International University numbers cannot be used as primary enrollment numbers.
  • Can I enroll my FIU-owned telephone for two-factor authentication? No, all FIU-owned telephone numbers are blocked for two-factor authentication. We encourage users to enroll with a personal device to fulfill the "something you have" function for two-factor authentication.
  • Is Google Voice supported as a landline? No, calls to Google Voice are not supported for two-factor authentication.
  • How do I change the phone number that is assigned to my two factor enrolled account? To change the phone number assigned to your account, contact the IT Support Center at 305.348.2284.

About Choosing Devices for Two Factor Authentication

  • What devices can I use for two factor authentication? To use two-factor authentication, you can use a smartphone (any device such as the iPhone, Android phone, or Windows phone), a mobile phone (a cell phone which can only receive SMS messages, apps can not be installed on it), or a landline (a line which typically located in a specific location such as your home number).
  • Which of the three enrollment options (smartphone, mobile device, or landline) is best to use for two factor authentication? The best method to use for two-factor authentication is through push notifications via the DUO Mobile app, available for smartphone devices. It is simple, quick, free of cost, and reliable. For further assistance in choosing the best method for you, please review the infographic below:
  • If I want to change to the DUO App after enrolling, where do I go? You must re-enroll into two factor to have the DUO app option available again. Contact the IT Support Center at 305.348.2284 for assistance.
  • Can I use the DUO Mobile app even if I don’t have cellular or WiFi signal? Yes, by selecting the key icon on the DUO app a unique code will be generated. Use this code as your temporary secondary password within 60 seconds to authenticate.
  • How does the text option work? The text option provides you with ten pass unique, one-time- use codes which should be used in sequence. Each time you log in with two factor, you will use one of these codes. Once the tenth code has been used, you can request a new text message with ten new pass codes via the process shown here.
  • Can I add other devices to use for two-factor authentication? Yes, after you have enrolled your first device as a smartphone, landline, or mobile phone, you can enroll an additional device.